Dr. Stephanie Royston

The Visiting Vet for cats & dogs.

Dr. Stephanie Royston was born and raised on the North Shore of Vancouver. Steph has worked in Kamloops at Valleyview Veterinary Clinic, in Chase at Chase Veterinary Clinic and in Lake Country at TriLake Animal Hospital. Steph lives in Silver Creek with her boyfriend and 5 cats: Oreo, Koala, Runty, Arrow and Ninjie and four llamas: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Chip, Tabitha, and Pancake.



  • Graduated from St. George’s University Veterinary School in Grenada.
  • Performed clinical year at Murdoch University Veterinary School in Perth, Australia.
  • Finished M.Sc. in Conservation Genetics from Memorial University of Newfoundland.
  • Completed B.Sc. in Cell Biology & Genetics from UBC.

The Visiting Vet
The Visiting Vet5 months ago

Happy Canada Day to you and your fur babies from me and mine!! 😻🇨🇦

The Visiting Vet
The Visiting Vet6 months ago

Painting night was awesome! We sold out and raised money for the SPCA while having lots of fun 😻 Stay tuned for the next event! Thanks 123 Artful andBC SPCA Vernon & District Branch and Alexanders Beach PUB & Liquor Store

The Visiting Vet
The Visiting Vet6 months ago

I will be hosting a paint night for the Vernon SPCA at Alexander's pub, it should be lots of fun for a good cause, let me know if you want tickets! 😻

The Visiting Vet
The Visiting Vet7 months ago

I look forward to hopefully seeing you there!

The Visiting Vet
The Visiting Vet9 months ago

Making cupcakes for a great cause, the SPCA's annual cupcake fundraiser tomorrow. Thanks to Michelle and Jared for helping, it was lots of fun and so yummy 🐾😻

The Visiting Vet
The Visiting Vet11 months ago

Happy New Year!! I wish you and your fur babies a very happy, healthy 2017!


I found her when I went on a critical distress call in Chase expecting to have to euthanize her but despite having a badly broken leg she was a sweet, feisty 8 week old kitten. I had to amputate her left hind leg as it was healing very badly but she gets around really well and is the alpha of the team bossing the others around.

Arrow & Runty

They are sisters and very close. I was fostering 9 kittens after someone couldn’t care for them and threatened to dump them outside in December in Kamloops. Their siblings were spayed and neutered before them and they ended up staying with me. They are very shy but sweet girls.


Koala in her Angel costume.
She was dumped at the SPCA in Kamloops as a 2 week old kitten and she was so badly dehydrated and sick that the there was discussion of euthanizing here but luckily a tech got an IV catheter in and she spent the night in my bathtub on fluids. She had a few seizures and is a very ‘special’ cat but loves her life and her family.


Oreo in his Halloween pumpkin outfit.
He was found in a box as a kitten in Grenada and ended up with me after nobody else would take him. He is very happy to be a Canadian cat now as he had asthma in Grenada but not here. He is the only boy cat and the oldest and he likes to think he is in charge.


Chocolate Chip

Vanilla Bean


We rescued these llamas from a couple that could not take care of them anymore. Tabitha is Pancake’s mom. Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Bean are best friends. They all like to hang out by our business sign to help out with advertising and like to be hand fed treats and weeds thrown out of the garden.


This is probably the best vet in BC, she is so good with our animals. Our dog Cici loves her to death… our dog is more excited to see her than any of our family members…. I would recommend her to everyone who has any animal…. NO stress on the animals or the humans…

Daryl Riva Campion

Steph is the best. We met Steph when she worked in Lake Country. We were very impressed with her. She is very compassionate and so good with our pets. Recently Steph came to our home to help us say good bye to Lucky. This made it so much better for all of us. We could even see the love she had for our little old man. Thank you for being the best vet we have ever met.

Carey Earl

Dr. Royston is the first vet in 13years that our dog has not been afraid of! She is so compassionate, professional and practical. I highly recommend Dr. Royston.

Sherry Lukey

Dr. Stephanie Royston

Dr. Stephanie Royston

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Please leave a message, I may be unable to answer your call due to being out of cell phone service, driving or at a house call.

Dr. Royston works flexible hours. Please phone 250-558-6700, text or email for a consultation. Please leave a message, as she may be unable to answer your call due to being out of cell phone service, driving or at a house call.


In case of emergencies, please call the Creekside Animal Clinic at 250-549-3533. Dr. Royston does not deal with emergencies that require access to a hospital during after-hours.